January 07, 2012

This Is The Devil Inside Movie

The Devil Inside movie fared well better than expected while grabbing the top spot at the box office over the weekend of January 6-8, 2012. The studio’s low-budget Insurge label made a $1M acquisition of The Devil Inside and scored a big $16.8 million Friday, including $2M midnights from 1,400 theaters.

The movie is so tritely predictable you could improvise it at home with some friends without even bothering to see it. It is a brazen audience cheat. Although its trailer would seem to promise a nail-chewing thriller, the picture is in fact very talky, with much discussion of Church hypocrisy, demonic arcana, documentary camera strategies, and whatnot.

Devil Inside purports to follow, documentary-style, a young American woman’s investigation into the events that landed her mother in Italy’s Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane two decades earlier. If you suffer from motion sickness that is one good reason to skip this movie. Most of it was shot by handheld cameras, resulting in nausea in some cases, like mine. There are other good reasons to see "Hugo" or even Desi and Luci reruns instead.

Some of the audience found themselves shaken up after the screening; Insisted that it was "one of the scariest movies [they're] seen." Paramount’s television advertising has been non-stop, and the studio’s digital spend looks to be massive, with new clips almost every day on major horror websites.