January 21, 2012

The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle

Underworld Awakening Movie

With a quick recap of the first two movies (conveniently skipping the third, which star Kate Beckinsale sat out), the fourth entry in this profitable B-movie series helpfully brings its viewers up to speed. The comely British actress — also currently being seen in theaters as the wife-in-peril in "Contraband" -- has returned to once again don the skintight black latex outfit that is these films’ biggest draw to fanboys. More aggressively violent and thankfully less mythology driven than previous installments, "Underworld Awakening" is strictly for the converted.
Alessia Laurenzi

Since the 38-year-old actress doesn’t seem to have aged a day, this film begins with vampiress Selene waking up after being in a cryogenically frozen state for 12 years, a convincing plot element. Apparently we humans have gotten hip to the preponderance of Lycans — werewolves, to the uninitiated — and bloodsuckers in their midst, and have made determined efforts to eradicate them.

With the requisite athleticism and steely facial expressions, the actress goes through her energetic paces and an awful lot of wire work. “I’m not good with feelings,” Selene accurately points out when she’s not actually fighting, her performance consists of little more than striding purposefully towards or away from the camera.