January 14, 2012

Silent Hill: HD Collection will kick of the releases

Three titles coming in 2012 from Konami Silent Hill franchise. Konami have announced the official release dates for it.

All will be available across North America in March : Silent Hill: HD Collection, Silent Hill: Downpour, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Will kick of the releases on March 6 - Silent Hill: HD Collection. The HD Collection takes the most lauded games of the series – Silent Hill 2 and 3 – and re-masters them with HD graphics and all new voiceovers.

Follows the story of a convicted felon named Murphy Pendleton who gets trapped in Silent Hill when his prison transport bus crashes, the eighth instalment in the series, Silent Hill: Downpour will be released on March 13.
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As a brand new exclusive title for the PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories will release on March 27. The game which also has co-op and multiplayer, opens with the player receiving a strange book that can be used to alter the past.
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