April 13, 2011

The Beatles Mix With Metallica

Maybe we are very familiar with the Beatles, the band pioneered a highly influential in rock music, especially with the figure of John Lennon, and Metallica, the band's big metal influence on this earth. However, have you ever heard of Beatallica?

Beatallica are a band who likes the song the Beatles mixed with Metallica. Not only the song but also the title and the name of its personnel. They had a song called And Justice for All My Loving which is a combination of songs Metallica And Justice For All and songs of the Beatles All My Loving. Name personilnyapun mixed juice: "Jaymz Lennfield, a combination of James Hetfield and John Lennon, GRG Hammetson, a combination of George Harrison and Kirk Hammett, no more Kliff McBurtney: Cliff Burton and Paul McCartney, and Ringo Larz: Ringo Starr and Lars Ulrich. Surely it's not his real name. Their name is actually Michael Tierney, Jeff Hamilton, Paul Terrien, Ryan Charles. They formed Beatallica in 2001.

At first they formed a band to spoof festival in Milwaukee. Spoof is a story for the fun or it can be said to parody. Then the song they spread via the Internet, reaching a lot of fans. Their own album first came out in 2004 via online.

Beatallica has fans all over the world including Metallica's own. Beatallica Metallica met face to face the first time in 2009 in Paris France. Metallicapun through Lars Ultich Beatallica've helped in the case with Sony about the Beatles song that they use. Their album comes out via the internet then do not say berprofit alias free for download. Finally, they also managed to issue a non-Internet album in 2007 with the title of the album Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band.