January 22, 2018

Yngwie Got Me Rocking

Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, who does not like with that name, let alone make music lover and guitar playing are stunning. Actually, he's just an ordinary human being, as usual with all of us, but with a very great talent, especially maenin guitar and not lose the talent that is owned by Jimi Hendrix, who ampe current fame as a pioneer of the modern guitar. Oh yes, there is one interesting quote in tempelin on his official website Yngwie Malmsteen, "The day Jimi Hendrix Died, the guitar-playing Malmsteen was born".
Sara Hannigan

A little flashback to the back, first time not at all ngeh with Yngwie, I've quite often listen to classical music in maenin on television, on radio, and also in Daddy's old tape recorder, a voice was lilting've started to like malay music because his head already getting weak. Moreover, a number of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air" From orchestral suite # 3, which is one of my favorite numbers, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik also his Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and some of his other songs, its principal no day without classical music, but rock 'n roll and blues, which also Papa's favorite music. Also wonder why Daddy does not become a musician wrote?

I turn the remajaakil maturity, and I've started Amendment whose name guitar, and again happy with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and Eddie Van Halen, the days that I heard for the first time that classical music is weird, unique, attractive, super , but again nangkringnongkrong wonderful time with my friends in the studio band, was really confused at the time and frankly not sure if that's Quote of classical music. Suddenly, I immediately ask the person who muterin, if not mistaken the title "Vivace" that played by my friend, a top guitarist in my town, which time-Mr.Big guitarist Paul Gilbert dateng to the city- me, he became guitarist opener. Investigate a calibaration, this music played by person who was under my strange name, the name of Yngwie Malmsteen gitchu really pretty, not clear that people from everywhere. Belon again with my foreign language are covered in more and more difficult to me talk name of this one. If mo denger prologue of his songs can click on this link

Quote've Amendment same basic classical music, I began to find out the existence of music played Yngwie Malmsteen, and finally if you find any genre that is his stretcher was called Neo-Classical Metal,

a fraction of the flow of heavy metal music that uses the composition and elements of classical music as a basis, then peppered with improvisation techniques that emphasize speed and accuracy of tempo.

One word Great!. The composition of classical music that is usually played with a tempo changing and meticulous, played with exquisite passing game of his fingers on the fretboard of his guitar, he wrote deserves dubbed the "devil's finger" in guitar world, because based on the survey results, its speed and accuracy in playing the guitar tones with no one same until now. He said the hell he's got a formula for the arpeggio technique, known by his shred techniques, unfortunately ampe today, my brain is still not able to understand the formula: mrgreen:

From there my hunting with his songs begins Yngwie right, and begin to understand and ngeh that turns ohhh whose names Neo-Classical Metal turned out like this. Some numbers that make me gregetan and blood make rustling every time denger songs from Yngwie Malmsteen are:

* Carry On Wayward Son - Album Inspiration
* Overture 1383 - Rising Force Marching Out Album
* Faster Than The Speed ​​Of Light - Odyssey
* Blitzkrieg - Album Rising Force Alchemy
* Like an Angel (For April) - Facing The Animal Album

Very, very fitting that I call him as the new legend of classical music is not defeated by Johan Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Johann Strauss though, with his ability to combine classical music compositions that are very complex composition, with the modern guitar. And no, not just his guitar playing are cool, the lyrics of the song created its own also full of deep meaning

Yngwie also did not hesitate to admit that, Jimi Hendrix was one of his inspiration in playing the guitar, it is evidenced by playing a number of Jimi, Spanish Castle Magic on his Inspiration album, imagine how a maestro of the Neo-Classical Metal, ngemaenin blues with his own style.
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