January 22, 2018

Trip To Chicago

From New York to Chicago
Piper Savage Lewless
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After two nights in New York, we moved to Chicago. We stayed at La Quinta Hotel is situated not far from downtown Chicago. Her room was quite comfortable and clean. In my Chicago streets sendiran kaya'orang lost because my husband was training, so can go together and take pictures at night.

Buy Metro Pas
During my time in Chicago I bought Karu metro pass for 7 days. So I am free to ride the bus or train. By buying a metro pass is cheaper than we have to pay every time we go.

Milineum Park
Millennium Park is a major tourist destination in the vicinity of Lake Michigan. In places serve targeted many people sit back while watching a video playback ever popular, such as "Cloud Gate," and Anish Kapoor sculpture in "The Bean."

I also came many times to Milineum Park just to sit around looking for hot air and photographs. Location millennium Park not far from my hotel, only one bus had come to this park. Unfortunately in Chicago all the way in one direction, sometimes that's what makes me confused.

Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue is the main street in Chicago and is also known as Mil magnificant for unique shopping and beautiful buildings. Along Michigan Avenue there are Macy's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and many more. Its center is a place called Water Tower, a building water pump which is a Chicago landmark. The building is shaped like an old castle, and if the evening is very pretty with beautiful lighting. In front of him lies a small park, full of visitors. Water tower in the same way I buy branded perfumes, I also bought leggo toys, Body Shop.

Navy Pier is a complex playground that combines natural and urban. From Navy Pier, we can take cruises to wade the Chicago River. But when crussing not from here, because I was already too late to take cruises. I am at Pier Navie just look around and do not forget berfoto.Di here we can also enjoy views of the city of Chicago from the top of Ferris Wheel.

One day before I left, I joined cruissing boat ride down the Chicago River which divides the city of Chicago in between the buildings towering. I ride boat from Michigan Avenue Bridge, to pay 15 USD. I sat on deck and saw pemandanagan sometimes standing around. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and very cold (though not yet winter), and eventually I moved on down a little bit warmer than the air above the open. For approximately 1.5 hours, a tour guide explains about various things, ranging from the history of the city of Chicago, the legendary gangster Al Capone and the names of buildings along the Chicago River. He also describes the buildings belonging to the category of highest in the world, he mentioned: John Hancock Chicago (344 m), Chicago's Sears Tower (422 m), Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers (452 ​​m), the Shanghai World Trade Center (500 m) and The Burj Dubai (800 m).

China Town
In every country there must be a region whose name is China Town. In Chicago too. In China Town many souvenirs sold at a price that is relatively inexpensive when compared with stores in downtown Chicago. I bought a refrigerator patches, key chains and other souvenirs to souvenirs.

Buckingham Fountain Water
This fountain is operational every day from 08.00 am to 11 Nights from mid-April to mid October. Fortunately for me, which went k Chicago in September so I can enjoy this fountain keinddahan. I arrived at night and the weather is really cold, until my hands froze. The show is very beautiful fountain, because it shows choreographer after dusk with lights and music.

For approximately 7 days in Chicago I've berkeling-rivet themselves by using the Metro to all Chicago Landmarks.

Chicago known as the city nicknamed the "windy city". It's really windy city. I came to Chicago still autumn (September), but dinginya ... absolutely bone-chilling. Sometimes drizzle, so add more cold air. I wear a sweater in 2 it was still cold.