January 22, 2018

The Rolling Stones Mixed History

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that became famous since the 1960's still exist until now. If the analogy, the Rolling Stones is a rock which is still rolling, who knows how long.

Formed in London, in January 1963. But the real forerunner Stones has existed since 1962 with the initial formation consisting of Mick Jagger (Vocals, Harmonica), Keith Richards (Lead Guitar), Brian Jones (Rhytm Guitar, Harmonica), Mick Avory (drums) and Dick Taylor (Bass ). Later the drummer Mick Avory of The Kinks eventually join Ray davies DBP, and Dick Taylor founded his own band which is The Pretty Things

Band with the formation of the quintet was founded by Brian Jones (born in Cheltenham, England, February 28, 1942). He left Cheltenham and went to London to make music group. Prior to founding The Rolling Stones, Brian had joined the band Cheltone Six (As a clarinet player) and The Ramrods. When in London, Brian met with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who where eventually the three of them formed a band called Little Blue & The Blue Boys.

The Rolling Stones is a legend, when they first appeared-in 1964 - The Beatles appear perfect, hair, harmonization and jacket, and they bowed together. Music of The Beatles' extraordinary sophistication, things are very interesting and strange at that time, but also creates a distance due to the perfection of it. And that's when The Rolling Stones bring the message, "Maybe you can also do it". Her hair was a mess, the harmony less tuneful. And probably no one remembers when they never smiled. They mimic the attitude of traditional R & B, "We did not wrestle in the world of entertainment. We're not a pop music ".

Mick Jagger's voice radiates a mature sensual appeal. This is not sensual in the pop-kissing, holding hands then this really real. Jagger has the ability to chat as the singer R & B and blues, half sing, do not always achieve the tone. Receipt of Mick Jagger's voice on pop radio is a new breakthrough in rock & roll. He opened the door for others. Suddenly then an Eric Burdon and Van Morrison does not sound weird anymore, so it is with Bob Dylan.

This is really unique, a white entertainer who follow the way of blacks. Elvis Presley did, and the next person is Mick Jagger. No other white youths who did it. They never stand up and sing like the Beatles. They let the spirit controls the body, releasing all the boundaries that exist, not controlled. This is what is felt Mick Jagger. He mimics some of the steps of James Brown and Tina Turner. Strange movements made Mick Jagger comes from both. Then Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison expanding it.

At the beginning of The Rolling Stones is the band's Brian Jones. He also gave the name to the band. He acted as a care manager offers concerts and everything related to the media. Aroma and keagrasifan The Rolling Stones came from a Brian Jones. So is the tradition. He played his guitar with the neck of the bottle, and then on albums like December's Children and the Aftermath, he played various other instruments as a "sweetener". She is so creative and important for the Rolling Stones.

But Keith Richards has also been eye down and is seen only as a rhythm guitarist, but solo-solo through "Heart of Stone", "It's All Over Now" and riffs great in "Satisfaction" and certainly "The Last Time" which is considered by The Rolling Stones themselves as the first serious song they ever made. "Hongky Tonk Woman" consists of only one key, and then he changed his version seteman five strings, there is a pattern associated denagn tuning keys that-let's call it the effect of "Gimme Shelter" - where they add a suspension, so it becomes more melodic and rhythmic at the same .

Compared denganrhythm other section in the world of rock & roll to the present Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts least know how to rock. As with the current, rock & roll at the time were intended to sway. Can imagine what a thrill to be in the Richmond Hotel in London and the Station Hotel, around the year 62 and 63, the audience craze, The Rolling Stones are also crazy.

There are a lot of today's generation who only know the Rolling Stones as icons. There was no bond with the music. To them, may be recommended first four albums American version, "England's Newset Hitmakers", "12 × 5", "Now" and "Out of Our Hands". The next lesson is the second great era, "Beggars Banquet", "Let It Bleed", "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile on Main Street". It is a series of the greatest albums in history, and everything is produced in only three and a half years.

In many ways, The Rolling Stones played better than when in the 60's. They are quite messy in the early days, but everyone enjoyed it-. Technically, they have never been this good. The problem is, their power comes from the first 12 albums. Only a few good songs after 1972. How good they are if they still make albums that concert grand as they are now?

But in concert, they can still convey the power of the past. There is still much to be learned from The Rolling Stones: Write good songs, and keep your health and desire to play every night, and maybe a chance to be as good as Mick Jagger and longer life can be realized. Everyone was amazed that Keith is still alive. He seemed immune to everything, but you should not try to join the bandwagon. To be honest: The use of drugs will ruin everything, including writing songs. Luckily he can still play and lead a tour 40 years later. Not many bands that can be preserved until 4 years, let alone until 40 years.

I do not think anyone wants them to retire, because if they keep playing, it is the best promotions for his songs. Maybe setting panggungya now much more crowded, but they remain the center of attention. They still look as closely as possible, and prove that:

If we stick firmly to the principles and not compromise with what is happening, we can survive very long.

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