January 22, 2018

Thank You Alabama

Saturday afternoon, I go straight into the path of Interstate 10 heading east. Original plan on the first day I will go in the morning straight to the town of Greenville in the state of South Carolina, a distance of 637 miles (about 1020 miles).

Realizing that my late start, so that there is in my mind then was trying to be able to go as far to the northeast. At a minimum I have to reach the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia, in order to minimize travel time to the overall delay travel plans have not changed. If I could reach the city of Atlanta, then I will just miss the 132 miles (about 211 miles) from the plan, or has missed only about 2 hours via Interstate.
Piper Savage Lewless

Not far out from the city of New Orleans, still in the state of Louisiana near the border with the state of Mississippi, no congestion occurs in the direction of the road east of Interstate 10. From a distance looks a long queue of vehicles that run propagate. Though this route I will go through to the city of Mobile and Montgomery in the state of Alabama, before reaching Atlanta. The opportunity that is not profitable if I go running vines, then when he reached the intersection with Interstate 59 as it headed toward the northeast, I decided to change the route.

I turned onto Interstate 59 toward the town of Meridian in the state of Mississippi. In this city Interstate 59 will join with Interstate 20 toward the northeast. Changes resulting route mileage is indeed a bit longer. But I think there is still much faster than if I follow the first route and running vines to distance or time that I did not know. About half an hour in the east of Meridian, I leave the territory of the state of Mississippi who has the nickname "Magnolia State" with its capital in Jackson.

In the afternoon I reached the city of Birmingham, the largest city in the state of Alabama. The state of Alabama is also nicknamed the "Yellowhammer State" with its capital in Montgomery. Past the town of Birmingham I continued to follow Interstate 20 to the east.

Alabama is the name reminds me of a song that lately I often hear played on the radio, which is "Sweet Home Alabama" sung by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Apparently the rhythmic pop songs it's jolly nice imitated, so that any change to the Zen Mafia titled "Sweet Home California" rhythmic rap.

Just as when passing the Mississippi, in Alabama did I just ride through it, because I do not want to be too late arriving in Atlanta. Not only because the mileage is still quite far away but also the time zone differences. There is a one-hour time difference between New Orleans to Atlanta which is more in the east, so the clock in Atlanta who entered the U.S. eastern time zone one hour ahead of New Orleans who entered the center of American time zones.

American mainland is divided into five time zones division, which is Eastern Standard Time on the eastern mainland, then Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time on the western mainland and Alaska Standard Time, which includes the state of Alaska is located at the mainland end of the northwest are separated by country Canada. While the state of Hawaii in the Pacific ocean islands included in the zone of Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time.

Towards 9 o'clock I entered the city of Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia. This seems the furthest place that I can accomplish in the first day. Georgia is fourth state which I crossed, after Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Georgia is known by his nickname as the "Peach State".

Traffic in metropolitan Atlanta that night still looks quite crowded. In downtown Atlanta, from Interstate 20 to Interstate 85 I move that leads to the northeast. As you move this way I was somewhat confused because the street is divided into 5 lanes with traffic flow fast enough. Somewhat puzzled, for fear of taking lane exit to quit or move on the road.

At the moment it was dark in the city that has not been like this I know I usually need to be more keen to concentrate more attention to road signs for directions. Do not take the wrong lane, because it would be tantamount to waste time twiddling rediscover the correct lane or road. I finally made it on the east side of Atlanta and find a reasonably priced hotel and nice to just spend the night.

Some of the objects around the city of Atlanta was forced to sacrifice for me I do not visit, as a result of the delay time set out in this first day. City of Atlanta whose name was never popular due to host the 1996 Summer Olympics yll, also known as Coca-Cola headquarters. City of Atlanta are proud with the title "World of Coca-Cola". There is a Coca-Cola museum which was originally planned to visit about us, but we have to cancel given the next day set off a bit early to catch the mileage on the first day.

Atlanta metropolitan city located at an altitude of about 320 m above sea level and is inhabited by over 400 000 inhabitants, that night we stayed in bed.

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