December 17, 2011

Taking Neti Pot In Bathing

THERE ARE people who spend so much time when bathing, some are only needed five minutes. You may be wondering, what do people do that at home languishing for one hour in the bathroom? Apparently, not just a body wash or shampoo, but also perform the following good habits.

Preventing acne on the back
Exfoliate, or peeling, the skin every few days. Useful to prevent pimples popping up in your body (not only in the face!). Wear gloves, loofah or body scrub made with sugar content (sugar is lighter than salt) to get rid of dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause acne.

Stretching the body
Spend about two minutes to stretch your lower back to release tension in your mind and your muscles. Repeat the squat (legs opened a little wider than shoulders, body position would humbly like to sit), holding out both hands in front of the body. Let the warm water, patting your lower back, giving the sensation of a relaxing massage. The heat is an effective natural treatment to overcome the tension or muscle pain, and make more effective stretching session.

Loosen nasal congestion
A warm bath can help you loosen nasal congestion due to colds or sinus infections. If the condition is severe, take neti pot or bowl of hot water into the bathroom. Bow your head over the bowl of hot water, then breathe on the steam heat for five minutes. Then, fill your bowl with salt, and use water from the shower to create the right temperature. Steam heat not only makes you breathe easier, you also will not spend a tissue because it must issue a snot.

Eliminate dandruff
To eradicate dandruff naturally, create a mixture of these ingredients: a cup of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of warm water. After shampooing, pour this mixture over the head, then massage your hair and scalp. It is easier to do in the shower to prevent water vinegar spilled everywhere. You do not need to rinse your hair, unless you can not stand the smell.

Rubbing cracked heels and rough
Cold air can cause skin to become rough, especially on the hands and feet. Because it always touch a hard surface, the skin becomes hard soles and dry. If it were so, the heel had cracked and sometimes painful. For that, you can eliminate that dry skin by rubbing with a pumice stone in the bathroom. When the feet are still wet, the skin becomes softer and the rough more easily removed.

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