December 17, 2011

Story Of A Sport People In Chicago

April in Chicago is a cold month. The chilling wind was blowing over Lake Michigan. I really felt the cold this because earlier today I was on a warm Los Angeles, but the only day that was all I had a chance to see how the circumstances of this city. We, Jones and I, flew from Tokyo via Hawaii, and Jones really exhausted.

Although our guesthouse in the room apart from the cold, but an uncertain feeling is still attached. Translators left several messages for us. We now own disebuah foreign hotel in a strange city and in foreign countries as well. "What will become of us," Jones mengguman. "Well, we have to deal with it, whatever happens", I said. I feel uncertain and uncomfortable anyway. As it happens, we have traveled in a variety of vehicles, by plane, car or train. I even felt bad during the trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles and then to Chicago.

Many years during the exercise, I live alone in a remote and desolate mountain and I used to live in solitude. Nevertheless, the loneliness I felt in a foreign country with people who speak foreign languages ​​well, it's a different thing to live alone in a remote mountain.

Our translators entered without knocking. He then announced to us, "You both will be in the show start tonight. What would you say?" . He then added, "If you fail tonight, then tomorrow morning you will be in a plane headed to Tokyo". Speech that mentions the plane back to Tokyo I felt like a blackmail greatest. Similar impression seems to be experienced by Jones as well, AND VI Judo holder. He sighed with a sulk. "What do you need for this demonstration of karate?", Sipenerjemah asked. I tell him to prepare five or six pieces of wood one inch thick, a few brick pieces, some pieces of rock five times the average of three inches.

Chicago Wrestling Hall is a sports hall with a capacity of 15,000 people. Everything is full. Above the ring, Great Togo, the main character that night I was introduced to the audience, while I was dressed in karate uniforms. I do not understand a word in an introductory speech delivered by the Great Togo in English very fluently. Nevertheless, his voice has a soothing effect that has been nerves I started working. I was asked to demonstrate karate skills before the main game that night, a wrestling match. My part that night was the second importance compared with its main wrestling match. But I was determined to impress the audience with the effectiveness of karate as a martial art.
I had forgotten all my fatigue and uncertainty. I started to demonstrate the basic moves in karate. With the noise of the audience immediately arise that meet the gymnasium. I thought it was a welcome from the audience, but I was wrong. Translator says, that the audience bored to death with a "dance" I am a funny and they were screaming so I screamed out. The interpreter said, that the audience is more like music, any music.

Not surprisingly, when the karate moves, blood clots and sweat that tercucur for centuries to develop and perfect this art, may be very difficult to be understood by the Americans at that time.
I think, that the demonstration tameshiwari will give greater influence to the foreign audience. I give the signal to Jones of the ring. Strange rigidity arises on his face muscles. "You think it could split the board like this?", He asked as he showed the boards that he kept hidden from the audience.

I had planned to split a piece of one inch thick board first and then a few pieces of boards that are stacked. I feel confident that I can divide the five one-inch-thick boards once gus. But what was presented by Jones in front of me were two pieces of boards each as thick as five inches. The mistake is obvious due to language barriers. It is not surprising that Jones became pale. But there was no other option for me but to walk on. "

What if you fail? "Jones whispered." What else, what can I do? "," I will be alone in the plane back to Tokyo tomorrow morning. "" No! "," I'll go with you if it happens ". Now it's just the two of us. Everything depends on me to determine whether our visit to the USA to be a success or a disaster.

The first board break with a crunching blow my first tameshiwari. The audience became more calm. "Are you going to continue?", Jones said. I replied "yes". Jones holds a five-inch-thick wooden board with both hands facing me, with one foot firmly placed behind the other. This is the first time I tried a wooden board more than ten centimeters thick. Even more troublesome again, during the last two days I did not eat well, but I have to do it. After a while I held my breath, thick board was split into two parts by the "Seiken" (fist) I. I hear a sigh of relief from the audience and then thundering cheers and Jones smiled.

The next challenge is to pile some bricks. These bricks cause other problems. I do not know why, but the American brick is much harder than the bricks in Japan there. Moreover, there was no booster of iron to prop up the bricks, while the ring's floor mat is soft and I have drained all their energy to beat the five-inch board was unexpected. I felt dizzy seeing this situation. Nevertheless, there is no turning back now.

I put a brick on the pole at the corner of the ring and close it with a towel. I summoned all my Kiai (vitality, will power) available to me and hit him with punches Shuto (blows with the edge of the hand). Brick was not broken. The audience began to fidget. They are no longer quiet. I have to recover this failure immediately. I tried a second time. Brick turned out refused to break under the Shuto me. Now the audience began to behave again. The shouting, cursing and ridicule began to arise.

I am deeply saddened by my poor physical condition. I can imagine myself sick and drunk in the plane that would take me back to Tokyo. This is the third and final experiment for me. When I hold my breath for a last effort, suddenly a strange sense of calm arise in my mind.

I lifted the towel and there lay brick pieces.

Thunderous cheer swept the crowd. Deafening applause which meets the building. Never before I get a cheering welcome that. When I returned to the dressing room, there to wait for a man and a half old. We shook hands. He held my right hand and examine it carefully. He said, "I hope the boy's hand I can this strong". The man is the greatest boxer of all time, Jack Dempsey.

Jones and I have escaped the fate should be sent back to Japan. We were allowed to stay in Great Togo great team, and Jones got his name and I Mas Ko Togo Togo.

Togo's Great wrestlers that entrepreneurs bring business to make money again. He advertises a show where every volunteer who can break bricks with your fist as I will be rewarded as much as USD 1,000.00. Lessons I learned from Chicago's experience made me try to get the wood boards with a thickness of one inch and a booster of iron to support the bricks. Thus the car I was riding was always full of boards, bricks, rocks and booster flat iron.

A $ 1,000.00 is really proven to be a big attraction, but no one has managed to take the money.
I kept breaking hard objects, not just bricks, but also rocks. Many Americans who rise above the ring and asked me to write a signature on the rocks that I have to solve.

Great Togo to get an idea of ​​other attractions. He also announced that anyone should try to hit my fist with a sledgehammer. My fist last of all blow received from a sledgehammer. There is a secret behind all this perilous act. If only my hands placed on concrete or hardwood floors are flat, it is possible my hands have been destroyed due to a hard blow TSB. But the ring mat was flexible, so it can absorb the blow by not arrest him.

Nevertheless, a sledgehammer blows that rained continuously my fist day after day is not nothing without result. Right fist I started swelling and the pain is increasingly becoming from day to day. Each show was over, I had to soak my hands are shaking in ice water. There are times - times when I was about to cry in the silence of the room Hotel. But I have to live and so the show must go on.

Of course, not my will that be a good karate performances. However, there is no alternative but to make it a spectacle if you want to make karate famous and popular in a country where people do not understand about it. I need to find the money if I want to live and have a dojo (training place) my own karate.

We held a tour of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa. Lots of men with full confidence to try to get USD 1,000.00.

One night in Iowa, a giant more than 6 feet tall stepped into the ring. His head is big and strong like a bull attached to a large and wide shoulders. I've made were amazed by an American professional wrestler when first in Chicago, but it's nothing compared to this monster.
Boisterous and loud cheering was heard from the audience. The giant slowly approached the pedestal of iron and brick. Then everything became quiet. He turned his head to see the audience and shouted a few words. Our translator explained, "Mas Tameshiwari of Togo on the bricks must be a trick". "He may have used a trick, but I'll show you what can be done by a real man without the tricks."

Then he raised his large hands and dropped it on the brick. I do not need to see. Bata has refused to break under the blow. He repeated the same movement with crazy several times with tremendous force. Blood began to flow out of hand. Bata was slowly covered with blood and sweat.

Of course he did not know that it is difficult to divide the board, let alone a brick with a sweaty hand. He too did not know, that the towel is placed over the brick, is not intended to protect the hand, but to keep the brick did not become slippery.

After repeated tries, he must surrender. However, he refused to admit defeat. This time he shouted, "Maybe there is a certain technique to solve a brick". 'But how about wrestling? "" I can definitely beat him when we wrestle. "" Now, Mas Togo, you will not invite me to a wrestling match instead? "" What would you say? "

"Why not?", I replied. "If you lose, you will pay EUR 1,000.00, right?" "True", he said.

I asked the interpreter to tell him, that Karate is no different from other martial arts, and he should be ready vigil for injured physically.
With a smile full of confidence, the giant told me, that he was a Professional Wrestler and has achieved a high level in Judo.
The assumption, a man with a height of 5 feet 7 inches is only mild.

Slowly he rolled up his sleeves and alert posture ready to attack. A loud scream of a woman is heard among the audience. He shouted, "Kill the Japanese, the Japanese Kill it!".

If this is just an ordinary fight, then I prefer to stop with just one blow. But I chose to wait for her to make the first move.

The giant tried to cast a straight left punch that showed remarkable speed for someone of her. Left straight punch is immediately followed by a right hook punch. Punch through an inch above my head with a loud sound of the wind. He never stops and the speed never goes down. I think now it would be a bit rough.

After many times do a futile attempt to beat my face in a landslide, so he changed his technique. Now he tried to ambush me. He lowered his hands and mJonesrong me to grip the head. This movement opened up opportunities I have been waiting for. When he lowered his hands to grab, I immediately threw an attack on the eyes.

It is not difficult to blind an enemy by sticking a finger in his eye. However, it is not necessary really kemata jabbed fingers, but simply by rubbing it.

I have been practicing the eye puncture technique for many years with a card hanging from the ceiling. This card is given a small hole like the eye diwajah someone. But although the practice for many years, the technique proved very difficult. So I made a movement that is simple. If someone touched his nose with the middle finger, then the second frame on the left and right finger must touch the eyes of opponents. Thus do not need to strain your fingers.

I catapult my fingers. This temporary blindness makes it jerked and swayed. He covered his eyes with one hand and the movement to close their eyes with one hand only shows he is a whiz with experience.

I am not one to waste mensia saatpun and approached him with a knee kick towards his cock with avoiding their testicles. Now he is completely open to attack me next; two successive blows to the ribs. I heard the bones crack. The giant fell to the mat with a groan.

The audience screamed in rage. I walk the corner of the ring.
"Look out!", Jones shouted. I ducked instinctively. An unidentified flying object passed over my shoulder. "Kill the Japanese!", A female voice shouted. "Kill Togo!" .

Jones skips rope outside the ring. A bottle of Coca Cola avoid a head. Much more and brandishing bottles. Jones's face became pale and I'm sure so did mine.
"Do you think they would invade?" He asked. "Do not know". "Watch it with the bottle". Then of course I was barefoot and the fear of stepping on broken glass on the mat.

"The police, they are here", Jones screamed. A number of police broke through the crowd. They climb up the ring. Two men in white with a stretcher walk followed the police. Ambulance sirens blaring sounds from outside. The cop pulled his revolver. Giant was lying on the mat lifted onto a stretcher.

"You must get out of here with us," one policeman said. With our police protected one company out of the gymnasium. Some men tried to reach out to us by the shoulders of the police. Outside there were three police patrol cars and two ambulances. As soon as we climbed, the ambulance was leaving the place at high speed with sirens blaring.

"Where are they going to bring us?", Jones said. "There are worse places than this place", I replied. "So we should not be confused where they will take us".

A few minutes later, the ambulance stopped in front of the hotel entrance. I threw myself on the bed. I started a little tranquility restored. "It's safe now", I said. "It's not finished now," Jones menyahuti. He was looking in front of the window, looking into the street below. I immediately followed him. Approximately one hundred people were come to the hotel. Some of them carry guns.

"Let's try the steps behind," Jones said.
"I think we will not reach the car". "The car was there yard parking is not it?", I said.

Was urging the crowd in front of the hotel door. We're locked out of four. I think the fire escape. It has been my habit to familiarize yourself with the emergency exit in a strange place, though I only stayed overnight on the ground. I also have a habit to stay in a hotel room with the light switch is behind me before I opened the door for unexpected visitors. The attitude of this case allows me to put out the lights if necessary.

We heard about five people walk dikoridor. Heard a loud knock at the door. I walked settles kepintu, resting my back on the light switch and waited. The first person to pass through this door would meet his death, I promised myself.

"Go!", "It's the police!" , One shouted. I remained silent and waited. Someone leaned on the door. This time the door burst open. Four policemen barged into the room. They really uniformed police.

"Hurry and get out of here". "There's a black sedan waited under the fire escape to fire", one of them said. People TSB. is the leading police forces when digedung sports.

We grabbed our bags and followed her down the emergency stairs. The black sedan door open from the inside, and a man placed the driver waved at us. We jumped. The car was turned into a corner.

The man behind the wheel said, (to see signs dibahunya, he was an FBI agent), "The city has been famous for its anti-Japanese sentiment since Pearl Harbour incident". "It's not unusual for Japanese wrestler who visited the place was always defeated by a wrestler wrestler-local". "Now you beat the best". "Fortunately, you can go with the whole".

"Thank you", I said.
"Karate is a martial art that is very powerful". "A few days ago, I saw you on TV was breaking bricks with his bare hands". "I hope, that someday you come and teach techniques on people karatemu FBI," the officer said.
I promised that I would do it.

I fulfill that promise in 1958 when I visited the United States for the third time. In 1958 it secretly anyway I promised myself to try Karate boom in the United States.

On the day after we escaped from Iowa City (9 April 1955), an article in the newspaper says, that men who fought with me was in critical condition and seven broken ribs. Some time later I heard rumors, that he had died. I always hope that it is not true.