January 22, 2018

Samuel L Jackson Biography

Samuel Leroy Jackson is popularly known as Samuel L Jackson, was born in Washington DC, United States, December 21, 1948. He is a black movie actor popular for his role as Gator Purify, male addicts in the film JUNGLE FEVER (1991). Where in real life, when it has just completed rehab Jackson lived.

Post the success that managed to deliver himself won Supporting Actor Cannes Film Festival 1991, in succession to deliver Jackson's name is increasingly recognized. Call it his role as John Arnold in Jurassic Park (1993), as Jules Winnfield in PULP FICTION (1994) who then delivered it won the Best Actor BAFTA Awards as a supporting role.

Followed by his role as Zeus Carver in DIE HARD WITH A Vengeance (1995), as Carl Lee Hailey in the film A TIME TO KILL (1996), his role as Face Windu in the prequel Star Wars film trilogy and as John Shaft in the film SHAFT (2000). The entire film was a box office film has a high income.

Actress Latanya Richardson's husband is involved in film production RESURRECTING THE CHAMP that was released on 3 August 2007. While the newly released film titled 1408 and June 22, 2007.

Although there is a story in the screenplay that requires her naked, Samuel will ignore it.

As in his new movie 'Mother and Child', the black actor has to be intimate scene with a beautiful artist Naomi Watts, but he refused to bare.

"Maybe this will trigger a 'new career' to me. But I'm really not ready with open-aperture scene, "he quoted from Female First.

"Believe me you will not want to see me perform 'innocent' on the big screen. Naomi and I will appear cordial, but most of the clothes will still remain attached to our bodies. "

Samuel manager once said to him: "You should look for a screenplay that has the intimate scenes with a woman. We want to see you hot scene with her ".

Short Samuel replied: "Yes .. Yes .. You may be dreaming. '"

Samuel is also a variety of funny stories after playing a movie called 'Snakes on a Plane'.

As expressed in Parade.com, he said, since starred in the movie 'Snakes on a Plane', every time I'm at the airport, the airport staff who scan my bag always ask 'You do not bring the snake in a bag is not it?'

"Even more funny, in a plane, one pilot announced to passengers, 'Beware, Sam Jackson was on the plane with us, and who knows there is something crawling on the floor of the cabin,'" he said.

"I was really surprised to hear the pilot announce over the loudspeaker. By then I hope that the passengers did not panic. Fortunately they all just laughed at the announcement. "

Naomi Watts in trying to pursue acting professionally. He loved the world that has made his name. Naomi is ready to act despite the suggestion had just given birth. All that he could do because of the support of Samuel L Jackson. "He's an extraordinary person. He is very experienced and gentlemanly and careful and aware and clever, "Naomi said as quoted from Aceshowbiz, Saturday, May 1, 2010. He said Samuel was able to make him feel comfortable and help him during a scene. "He made me feel comfortable. I took her hand and put him in bed, "he said.

Naomi Samuel is considered a fun coworker. Naomi was much assisted the actor in acting in the film. Naomi memilliki a good impression with co-star's. "I just had a child. And it's not the right time for me to appear naked. I just tried to get away from the scene and Samuel people who do it best, "he said.

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