December 17, 2011

Richest Man In The World

Richest man in the world for twenty years was a leading figure of a shipping enterprise is the introvert Daniel K Ludwig (1897-1992) which has a number of wealth at least 3,000 million dollars in 1977 (which would be about 12,000 million dollars in 1997). He is much donating most of his wealth to cancer research. You can compare it with the wealth of Howard Hughes that "only" 1373 million dollars in 1976. While the sheikh of Kuwait succeeded in generating wealth since 1974 more
than 3,800 million dollars every year and a maharani of India, about double the Ludwig property, prior to taking the Indian government declared all his property by way of taxes. The Empress has a complete cellar in the palaces filled with a number of gold and precious stones. Then the Indian government has determined that the gold in private is illegal, and he was never late paying taxes. He is also known to have a party of the jet set. Then was the Sultan of Brunei as the richest man in 1997 with a wealth of about 38,000 million dollars. In 2007 recorded William Gates III as the richest person with a net worth of about 56,000 million dollars, this amount is the remaining property after he dermakan nearly half of which in 2000 recorded more than 118,000 million dollars. Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish founder of IKEA eventually become the most wealthy to-4 in the year 2007 with a net worth of around 33,000 million dollars.