December 25, 2011

New Mexico Tourist Space

Eccentric British billionaire Richard Branson, has ambitions of making the space as a tourist destination. To realize that ambition, Branson was introduced commercial spacecraft "SpaceShipTwo", at the end of the year 2009.

Not only setting up a commercial spacecraft, through the company Virgin Galactic, Branson was built spaceport. This is a space that will be used airport passenger spacecraft Virgin to take off
into outer space.

As quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail, this spaceport was already 90 percent ready for use. Located on 1800 acres of land or 720 acres in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States, it has a spaceport runway (runway) along the 2 miles or approximately 3.2 kilometers.

Spaceport has a futuristic design, be it in the hangar or terminal. Meanwhile, Space Control Center at the spaceport has a dome shape or a large dome.

This project took only a few months for final settlement. Virgin Galactic space flight itself preparing debut in 2013.

Executive Director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, Christine Anderson, who claimed to be surprised with the progress achieved on this project.

"When you think like what would happen, would be built where, then it was built in the desert in New Mexico - it is a small city built," she said, as quoted by

"So I 'take my hat off' to contractors, architects, and all who spend time and sweat to build it," he continued.

SpaceShipTwo aircraft is currently still in the testing phase, especially in terms of security and comfort for the tourists who use this plane. Anderson estimates, these aircraft could begin operation in the first quarter of 2013.