December 25, 2011

Michelle Obama, Kids and Santa Claus

First lady Michelle Obama on Saturday took the time to answer the phone at the corners of the kids who want America to know the whereabouts of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. As he did last year, first lady answering the phone from Santa tracking program NORAD, which is operated by the Air Defense
Command Region North America / NORAD.

Military base that has informed the children are curious about the existence of Santa Claus every year since 1955, when a local newspaper ad gives a phone number to talk with Santa and mistakenly lead children into military defense operations center. Officials in charge of answering the questions of children's and NORAD every year since then doing the same thing.

Last year more than 1200 volunteers take turns doing the task at NORAD facilities in the state of Colorado to answer more than 80 thousand calls and countless emails from kids asking where Santa and when he might come to their house to bring gifts.