December 18, 2011

Making Love Dance With Me

In the film's production in 1998, told a young Cuban Rafael Infante (Chayanne) should bury his mother who died. Since no one could bind him in his native land, then Rafael had received an invitation from an old friend of his mother, John Burnett (Kris Kristofferson) to seek employment in the United States. But Burnett did not expect the real reason for his invitation to meet Rafael.

Apparently Rafael is the result of the relationship between Burnett and the late Rafael's mother who had become lovers while working on an Italian cruise ship about 20 years ago. But Burnett hurried back to America after their voyage was over and did not realize that his girlfriend was pregnant. After arriving in Houston, America shelter his father has never seen, but it's not a pick Rafael Burnett at the bus station but Ruby Sinclair (Vanessa L. Williams), a principal dancer dance studio Burnett. Rafael was given a job and a place to live in his father's dance studio.

Incidentally when he arrived, world dance competition in Las Vegas a month away. All dancers including Ruby tried to prepare her best to follow the competition. But Ruby is having problems because of the ability of her dance partner is not able to match the greatness of the woman. Only former lover, Julian (Rick Valenzuela) that is able to compensate. But Ruby was hesitant because it had problems with his son Julian, and also their love story ended bitterly. In the midst of his doubts, Ruby found that although amateur Rafael turned out to be a great dancer.

They were both practicing diligently and hard. Especially when the competition has begun to close. It turned out that in a short time a strong attraction arises between Ruby and Rafael. Unfortunately Ruby instead of fear and did not want love because they do not want to suffer anymore. Rafael himself also churning emotions because Burnett is finally know who Rafael actually did not want to admit it as his son. Unsure of Rafael could help his ambition to win the competition and also wants to put his feelings about the young man so that Ruby went with Julian to Las Vegas, leaving Rafael and Houston for good.

What to do after Rafael knew Ruby would leave? How did the relationship Rafael and Burnett in the end?