December 21, 2011

Land's Edgecomb The Green Mile

The Green Mile movie - When john Coffey arrives on E block Percy Wetmore leads him in shouting "Dead Man Walking!" this shows the Percy Wetmore is insensitive to the prisoner's feelings. He takes enjoyment in reminding the prisoner that he will die on death row. When Percy is put in charge of Del's execution it goes terribly wrong. Percy, who's had it in for Del ever since everybody, "accidentally" forgets a key step in the preparations for execution in
the electric chair.
Michael Clarke Duncan ... John Coffey
Tom Hanks ... Paul Edgecomb
Doug Hutchison ... Percy Wetmore
Barry Pepper ... Dean Stanton
Jeffrey DeMunn ... Harry Terwilliger
Alternative titles: Stephen King's The Green Mile
Directed by: Frank Darabont

So moving, so memorable, so magically produced, it's going to delight millions of movie fans and sweep the Oscars. When Coffery performs miraculous acts of healing, Edgecomb (Hanks) begins to beleive he is innocent. But is that enough to prevent Coffery from "Old Sparky" the electric chair?
4 Academy Awards Nominations
Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor - Michael Clarke Duncan
Best Screenplay (Adapted) - Frank Darabont
Best Sound