December 28, 2011

In Chris Martin house with Sing man

Chris Martin, Coldplay frontman vocalist once frustrated once surprised by the presence of a man who suddenly in the garden of his house and sang his songs.

"I saw a man who climbed the gates of my house and sing songs of Coldplay for his friend on the street,"
Chris said as quoted from NME.

Gwyneth Paltrow's husband is the male intruder was not able to sing Coldplay songs correctly. Chris was even yelled at the intruder because it can not stand the sound is inconsequential.

"Look, you can not even sing it properly." Chris yelled at that time.

Knowing the owner of the song appeared, the intruder had left the house Chris politely. Although annoyed, Chris was glad, at least the intruder liked the songs he created.

Coldplay itself has released his fifth album, Mylo Xyloto in October. Earlier this month Chris had expressed the statement which is quite unique. Chris felt songwriter Lady Gaga is more powerful than himself.