December 28, 2011

Hungry To know About 2012 New Game

No doubt if the gaming industry is growing rapidly, especially for mobile devices continues to grow day after day.

According to the observation Jesse Divnich, Vice President of Analyst Services for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) which quoted from Gameindustry, Wednesday (12/28/2011),
as this is the trend of games in 2012.

1. Paid more prosperous gaming in mobile phones and tablets

Although currently a lot of free games for mobile phones and tablets, but predictable in the future games will also pay much in demand.

"I believe that the market for paid games will always be there, and it's certainly going to increase in 2012," said Divnich.

Paid games for mobile phones and tablets predicted to be prosperous because both devices continues to experience rapid penetration. Moreover the price of games on the platform was relatively affordable.

2. Layoffs in developing countries

Certainly, within five years a lot of investors who invest their money to developers of social networking based games and online games.

In 2012, an estimated number of investors are reluctant to fund the project started to kind of game, let alone made by small developers. Well, next year is predicted to be the only major studio to survive, at least not just for developing countries in the region.

"I expect further layoffs and the closure of a number of studios in the area of ​​emerging market," Divnich continued.

3. GTA V will be the biggest game

If true will be launched in 2012, GTA V is predicted to be the biggest game of the year. Exceeding any games being released each year, such as Call of Duty.

4. No new game consoles

Many rumors say Microsoft and Sony will release a new console in 2012. Unfortunately, the news is considered wrong by Divnich.

Both the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is still considered to provide huge profits for game publishers.

"I did see a rumor from a pretty credible source, but it seems there will be no official announcement from the company in 2012," Divnich added.

5. The demise of the dance game

2011 may be year for a game that invites players to dance or dance, but in the coming years this type of predictable game is no longer popular.