December 17, 2011

Funny Movie : Midnight Run (DeNiro)

Midnight Run is an Action Comedy Movie which was released successfully in 1988. Starring Robert DeNiro, this movie suck up a lot of attention to the audience at that time. The film tells of the feud between the two hunters criminals pay umbrelled private agents, and both also at the same time compete with the FBI, in terms of catch and hunting gear hunting down criminals. Jack Walsh, who is the villain hunt masters, although with silly action, which rivaled by Marvin Dofler, which also hunters stupid criminals.
Sometimes both private dipayungi by the same agent, namely by Eddie Moscone and Partners, an agent hunting criminals is ridiculous. One time, Eddie tells Jack Walsh to stalk and catch The Duke, 15 Million Dollar money thieves belonged to a wealthy mafia boss who is the Duke. Eddie will pay 50 thousand dollars if successfully captured the duke in a period of 5 days. Jack refused, because the pay is too small, he wants 100 thousand dollars. Eddie reluctantly forced agree. He also went into action, looking for info about the existence of The Duke of disappearing, and also being sought by the FBI and by the mafia, Jimmy Serrano.

He contacted a friend at the police, Jack certainly knows his friend know the info about the investigation of The Duke, because the police are both looking for. from the testimony of his friend, the Duke had a colleague in New York, far away, while Jack was in Los Angeles. He also tried to contact the telephone number of The Duke colleagues who were in New York by telephone, no warning The Duke was there. Jack went to New York and then managed to catch The Duke. The FBI was able to sniff out the news was the arrest of the Duke, because private agents Eddie phone tapped by the FBI, Jack himself is periodically always contact Eddie via telephone regarding the development of the chase. The FBI moved quickly and went to New York. Jack wants The Duke could be handed over to eddie quickly, to which he returned to Los Angeles wearing the plane. But the Duke could not get on a plane, because the plane had a paranoid illness. Although it was actually just a trick of The Duke, so she does not fast in LA. Finally they ride the Railway, the journey takes nearly 24 hours. Along the way, Jack faced by Marvin Dofler suddenly that will seize the Duke of hand jack. Marvin knew that Jack was on the train, as Marvin has a credit card number and Jack's secret identity by asking Jack to the operator the presence of the Bank. But Marvin failed to bring The Duke. The FBI had managed to sniff out the presence of Jack.

Chase ensued between them. Members of the FBI in large quantities had surrounded him and the Duke, but escaped. Jack and The Duke loss of vehicles carrying them. They went to Chicago, to meet with Jack's ex-wife that he had long since divorced, of course, to borrow the car. He also met his son who is now grown, it turns out Jack's ex-wife still sexy and singset. He also managed to borrow the car from his ex-wife. Jack immediately dashed off to the LA are still far away. On the way he was intercepted by the FBI immediately after the car Jack. FBI cars a lot of woe, Jack managed to escape, but his car fell down and fell into a shallow ravine. As a result Jack and The Duke survived. The FBI lost track of Jack, because Jack was far below the plateau. Jack and The Duke was forced to walk in the middle of the desert cactus of Arizona, and all of a sudden there are cars that will pass. Jack's happy, because she and The Duke will take passengers. But apparently that is in the car it was Marvin. Jack was hit by Marvin until his feet hurt. Marvin immediately bring The Duke and leave Jack alone in the desert kaktus.Marvin managed to bring the duke to LA, and immediately stayed in a hotel. While the jack hanging. Jack stopped into a bar, and drink coffee in there, while smoking Marlboros.

Marvin who was with the duke, immediately contacted his friend who is the son jimmy Serrano fruit, which is 2 idiots who always failed to solve the problems jimmy Serrano. Marvin wanted 20 thousand dollars by bartering with the duke, Marvin gives a picture of The duke was in the hotel. But unexpectedly, two idiots had hit his head marvin unconscious. They know the hotel is in the picture, because there is small print that is not visible by Marvin. The Duke's men were arrested Serrano. FBI and Jack working together, and scheming to defraud Serrano. That is by pretending to know jack about criminal data that has been done Serrano in a CD. Walsh immediately contacted two idiots, and threatened to imprison Serrano, because Walsh has proof. Serrano distraught, and willing to do what he likes. Jack wants the duke brought, and a CD given to Serrano. The FBI will stalk from behind, when Serrano took the CD, then Serrano guilty according to law. Though the CD is just a blank CD. Serrano had fooled by the jack, and the FBI immediately handcuffed Serrano and some of his men. Marvin was arrested the FBI for a while, because of Walsh's work has been screwed up when trick Serrano. The duke was taken to be submitted to Eddie Walsh. But Walsh's release of The Duke, out of sympathy for an interesting experience during the trip from New York to LA. No warning, the duke gave a wad of thousands of dollars of 300 thousand dollars to the jack. Jack was happy. They then split up some where.

CAST: Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto, JOHN ASHTON


2 Golden Globe Nominations