December 28, 2011

Do This If Woman Lost in Travelling

Women with a hobby of traveling it was not strange anymore. But women sometimes lost in the trip because of a lack of preparation. These are some ways you can do when lost in the journey to be able to find a way home.

5 ways that women should do when a stray,
Friday (12/23/2011):

1. Do not panic
The first thing you should do when lost is to stay calm. Do not panic! Anxiety in the liver does occur naturally, but do not you show in front of crowds. The panic seen other people could provoke other people to do evil. So, stay calm.

2. Find out the location of
When I came to have been located in areas that do not know, soon find out the name of the area. You can ask the local people or see the boardwalk. If you are around there is a store or restaurant, you can see the direction the board ID. Usually the board identifier store or restaurant write down the location, and you can take advantage of it.

3. Open a map or GPS
Women do not read a map, the opinion was not entirely wrong, but not mean you can not try. After knowing the name of the area, you can figure out the direction of home by using the map that you take, or GPS is now available on mobile phones. In addition to GPS, you can also take advantage of our services which can be accessed via the Internet.

4. Ask residents about
Embarrassed to ask astray on the road. Ask the people around you, the instructions in the right direction to your destination. Asked the driver of public transport or taxis are highly recommended. It really helps you find your way home.

5. telephone relatives
The last way you can do is contact the relatives. Tell your current location and asked the way home. This step can be selected when in any area of your relatives who happened to be domiciled there, or know the area in which you reside.