December 23, 2011

Christopher Lumsden's Mental Illness

Ala Victorian mansion with five bedrooms and spacious ground must be very expensive when sold. but in fact not so, the house that was once so beautiful is now overgrown with weeds start with windows broken and left just like that. Nobody wants to buy a house that's really very beautiful. The main reason why the house was left in place is when the homeowner is very cruel to kill his wife in the master bedroom about
seven years ago.

The house stayed pretty sad memories of a mystery after Christopher Lumsden killed his wife in 2005. Christopher Lumsden 53-year-old stabbed his wife 30 times after his wife asked for divorce. He stabbed her face and neck repeatedly until forensic teams could no longer predict the wound. But he only gets punished for two and a half years after convicted of killing his wife. He decided suffer from mental illness.

The house was empty and damaged even when free Lumsden intends to sell to the developer of 1.4 million pounds. But in fact the house was not sold. Tennis court unoccupied and weeds everywhere only a memory. Though usually Lumsden and his wife used to hold a garden party for his friends from the local tennis club. It's very sad what happened to the house even though the neighbors would not be surprised if the house was not sold. The park is beautiful and the story is just a neat lawn in the past.

"No matter how beautiful the house, a woman who was murdered by a terrible certainly will not erase those bad memories" so what the neighbor said. The house was also filled with old tires along the road entrance and many windows are broken and graffiti everywhere. Of course it becomes an unpleasant sight. The house was built in about 1880 and was a Catholic school for young men. Currently Lumsden is believed to live in Derbyshire and worked as a business consultant.

Lumsden himself who was a successful lawyer before having a happy life with his family. But he is married to his wife Alison for 24 years known to have an affair with a businessman who had married Roger Flint and they met at Bowdon tennis club. She said her husband affairnya and asked for a divorce. A few days later Lumsden kill him after his wife returned from traveling with her new boyfriend. Lumsden himself released on parole in September 2007.