December 20, 2011

Calvein Klein was bored with his home

What nonsense act of famous celebrities. Designer fashion world, Calvein Klein, was not joking when expressing a desire to destroy his own real estate in New York. Luxury homes that will be torn down is worth U.S. $ 30 million.

Designer United States was bored with the old design of his palatial home. Instead, a more simple mansion would stand. This time Calvien Klein chose a modern structure that not many eating places. Any size less than half the old building was
torn down.

Tycoon who controls the brand of goods ranging from glasses, perfume, jeans, to the collection of household items that have submitted a written request. The letter containing the request knock down luxury building in Southhampton was filed on December 15 last week.

Castle-like building area of ​​50 thousand square feet it got the nickname Dragon's Head. Dragons's Head stood since 1926. Klein officially have it in 2003. Unfortunately, Klein often receives complaints about the structure of the dragon that is too wide on her back.

The New York Post revealed plans designer Richard Klein's original name. Called, Klein will replace the building measuring 17,500 square glass, and there are mixed concrete. Rencanaya Klein also hired Ian Schrager, an expert in hospitality interior design celebrity. Schrager will rearrange to a more modern touch sharper.

In a letter posted to the Board areas of Southampton Area Maintenance of Historic Buildings and Architectural Review, Schrager writes, "We are delighted with the proposed demolition of the buildings that make the environment uncomfortable."