December 29, 2011

Ben Breedlove on Youtube These Days

Ben Breedlove tells his life story, including multiple brushes with death, the final one taking place when he passed out in his high school hallway, leading to a peaceful vision that included a white room, a white suit and a visit from his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi. Breedlove told about a vision he had on Dec. 6 when his heart stopped. As paramedics tried to resuscitate him,
Breedlove said he was transported into a white room with the rapper.

Kid Cudi has a loyal following, just check his Twitter account to see the massive amount of fans who latch onto his every word. Ben made a different kind of video, still funny but also terribly sad. Ben shared with the world his personal struggle with a life-threatening heart condition and how that challenged him every day of his life.

Now several people have posted tribute videos to Breedlove on YouTube remembering his life. Kid Cudi says the Austin teenager "has really touched my heart in a way I cant describe."