December 18, 2011

Al Pacino In Disguise

After receiving seven Oscar nominations in the movie Godfather successful foreign market, as a major mafia figures, many people assume that the Godfather became a movie legend of all time. In addition, for his role in many films such as Serpico, Dog Day afternoon and Scarface. The figure of Al Pacino to be a guarantee of success for films portraying. Even critics praise film role.

Ironically, Al Pacino won an Oscar as best actor in the movie Scent Of Woman not difilm Godfather and Scarface, figure legends role as mafia leader who managed to lift his name became a great actor.

The story begins with Lt. Col. Frank (Al Pacino) who resigned from the U.S. armed forces. Because, he was blind and could not have remained on active duty. But the frank spirit and motivation to keep growing in his life, although now Frank has lost its position in the military and his eyesight. But all of that, not the end of everything. In fact he just started his life with a spirit that has always possessed hearts.

The spirit of Frank gives motivation to his nephew, Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) are still in school and intend to enter university. Friendship the two figures are different ages are increasingly interesting because they complement the weaknesses and strengths possessed.

On his return at Christmas, Charlie agreed to take care of Frank, who always inspired his life, they decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

By Charlie unexpectedly turned out to Frank through Thanksgiving in New York with Donna (Gabrielle Anwar), a beautiful young woman. Colonel Frank Donna received an invitation to dance Tango together. With a touch like a father to his daughter, Donna felt sympathetic to Frank although Frank himself has lost half of his life, but Frank still the spirit of enjoying the rest of his life.

Intrigued by the figure of Al Pacino playing the character Frank? How did he respond when life has lost half of his life?