December 20, 2011

24-karat gold British luxury car

Having exorbitant prices commonplace for British luxury cars, Rolls Royce. But that apparently was not enough for a luxury car design house from Italy, Fenice Milano. They are still lining the kings of this car with 24-karat gold.

As reported by Dailymail, Monday, December 19, 2011, Milano Fenice have to pay 1 million pounds sterling to Rolls Royce Ghost can turn it into "a monster sparkle".

In fact, the cost of dressing Ghost is much more expensive than the new price of the car, which is 220 thousand pounds sterling. Luxury cabin
is also more complete with a layer of gold in some parts, such as the dashboard.

Fenice Milano assessing gold-plated Rolls Royce is a synonym for class, elegance and style. Although the super-luxury, sport type car this can not be underestimated in terms of speed.

Ghost Beneath the hood, there is a 6-liter turbocharged engine capacity. This machine can spraying power 560 hp and capable of racing up to 250 km / hour. Rolls Royce of gold was sold at a price of 1 million pounds more.