December 13, 2010

The Principle Basic Of Freemason

Basically the Freemason put forward the problems of humanitarian or secular humanism. In the fraternity, human beings will be seen as an individual and his thinking became the central point of view. Jobs, and spirit work in Freemasonry aimed at discovering how the human major expectations in taking this life. In an effort of unity as a member of the fraternity, is a way to see the positive aspects of each individual's thoughts, and leave the negative side.
Gathered in the lodge is a tradition from the beginning where the members will be exchanging ideas, and more importantly, is still fostering the fraternity or brotherhood. Each member must be able to work for yourself in order to become a better human being, useful, based on the bond of brotherhood, and to build a freedom of thought in his life in the community. Ideally it can be said that: build a temple of humanity.

In practice, Freemasonry does not present any doctrine or dogma, and also has no rigid program. How regulation of freedom of thought developed by each member of the community is consciously or not, if the thought of a member's generally accepted by members of the community. Spirit of truth in philosophy that was developed Freemasons will continue to evolve as a manifestation of how to view who is believed to see the truth, how the power system of values, norms, customs and traditions that exist in society, as well as any compromise or acceptance of something new thinking outlook.

Freemason basically respect all religions and beliefs held by its members. Freemasonry as a fraternal organization is not involved in a religion and beliefs held its members. Thus each member will also need to respect the freedom of every individual in determining the choice of religion and belief respectively. Notwithstanding the Freemasons believe that God is the creator of the universe. In principle, the Freemasons memunyai three pillars of a philosophy that should always be held as follows: rationality, divinity, and ethics.

Basically, Freemasonry teaches a new philosophy in life. The new philosophy of secularism, which means separating different sectors of life with a religion that is in the sectors of education, law, politics, economics, health, and scientific. In this case religion becomes individual needs, and reduce the function of religion in social life. Thus secularization in Freemasonry is a process in which all terms governing the social life of the system of values, norms, and ideas, its basis is empirical, rational, and pragmatic. The new philosophy is then in the course of the life of Freemasonry has attracted so much opposition to the principles that already exist.

Although Freemasonry had nothing to do with war, or political development of a country, but in practice the values ​​taught by the Freemasons have contributed a large part in each individual Freemasons in building a desirable society that is free from tyranny and dogma.